For health conscious moms who are dissatisfied with generic brands.
MADE OF™ formulas are organic, simple and safe. Unlike “natural” brands.

MADE OF™ is words first and only consistently
Organic and Safe baby skin care and diapering products

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Ultimate transparency promise

Because knowing the ingredients is not good enough. Every product page not only discloses every ingredient but also its origin, certification, where it sourced, where its formulate and the actual test results we performed.

  • We disclose actual Certifications
  • We show each ingredient's origin
  • We show you actual independent test results
  • We tell you where it's made in usa


Our mission is to provide new parents with simple, organic-first and safe everyday baby products, while creating consistent shopping experience without exploiting their pockets and time.

always made of

Organic and Natural ingredients

MADE OF is committed to only manufacture NSF Organic products (except Diapers).


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We're first to put organic and transparency first, to make sure our products are simple and safe.

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