Made Of organic baby skincare bundles


BUNDLES MADE BETTER - Our top products team up. For more efficiency, more savings..

NSF ANSI 305 - Organic Personal Care.
EWG Verified.
Made Of organic baby bath kit bundle
  1. Diaper Subscription

    10 Hours Guaranteed Absorbency

    Only $10 per Bag saves you $600 annually on diapers and wipes.

    SUPER SOFT, ULTRA absorbent, LIFETIME Guarantee.

    Delivered FREE. Cancel Anytime!

  2.  DELUXE Diaper Subscription
  3. Newborn Kit

    $50 ($75 Value)

    The Essential Bundle includes everything you need for your newborn when you bring them home.

  4. Diapering

    $80 ($105 Value)

    Foaming Baby Shampoo & Body Wash + Moisturizing Body Lotion + Foaming Hand Soap

  5. Organic Diapering Kit Bundle
  6. Bath and Body Kit

    $30 (SAVE 20%)

    Everything you need for that perfect fun bath.

  7. Organic Bath and Body Kit Bundle

Bundles and kits of all your favorite MADE OF babycare and personal skincare products. Organic and plant derived ingredients mark each set that is babycare ready. Have what you need on hand with bundles that promote efficiency and savings. There’s no doubt about it, having a baby can be expensive. With MADE OF, our top products team up for kits and subscriptions that take care of you.