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How long does it take to process an order?

Orders will ship within 24 hrs after being placed.

What is your return policy?

LIFETIME Returns! If you don't love it, we want it back! You have a forever to return it back to us. See complete shipping and returns policy here.

How do DIAPER Subscription Work?

Once you place the order for a subscription, you've selected how frequently you'd like to receive the diapers and/or wipes. Your options were: 3, 4 and 5 weeks. We will bill you every X week you've selected.

Can I cancel the Diaper Subscription?

You can cancel anytime!

Can I exchange the Diapers?

We have a LIFETIME Guarantee!. You can exchange your unused diapers for different size anytime as long as the bags are closed.

Can I return unused diapers from subscription?

Yes you can anytime. We will refund you cost per diaper bag.

My Dish Soap, Hand Soap or Shampoo Foamer pump is no working. What do I do?

Please email us at [email protected] and we'll ship you a new pump for FREE.

Are your products USDA Organic?

USDA Organic means the product has to be made from at least 95% organic and 5% natural ingredients. Although USDA products are great in food, they're not effective in personal care. This is why we've opted to certify ALL of our products NSF Organic which allows for AT LEAST 70% organic and 30% natural ingredients. We disclose the actual % of organic ingredients on our packages and on the product pages. At the end of the day, when your baby has a severe diaper rash, the cream MUST work! (Exception: Diapers are not NSF Organic)

Why don't your product state they're Natural?

We're not in support of the term "natural". "Natural" brands you see on the market, use this terms to be perceived better then they are. We're certified to the NSF Organic standard, that means we're made from AT LEAST 70% organic and 30% natural ingredients.

Are your products NON-GMO?

Because we're certified to the NSF Organic Standard, our products are classified as NON-GMO.

Are your products Gluten Free?

Some products are GF. Please look for GF certification logo on the product packaging or product page. In addition, we disclose the Gluten Free actual test results on each product page.

Do your product expire?

Yes, all of our products have an expiration date right on the bottle, bag or box. Because we use organic and natural ingredients, just like food they do expire. Our products have at least 18-month expiration from date of manufacture.

Do you ship outside USA?

Yes, Please visit our iHerb store for International ordering: https://www.iherb.com/c/made-of.

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