Natural vs Organic Baby Skin Care Compared

Natural, Organic, non-toxic and many other claims you see on today's products are UNREGULATED! You deserve to know not only whats in it but where it originated, where it was made and how it was tested.

Natural vs Organic Baby Skin Care ComparedNatural vs Organic Baby Skin Care Compared


Anything goes here. You can expect to pay $1.99 for a bucket of shampoo or lotion. Synthetic and artificial ingredients make up majority of these products.


Natural is a marketing term and unregulated. Products in the "natural" aisle are not always as safe as the claims state. Read our Blog to learn more.

Organic 70%

NSF Organic standard adopted the USDA/NOP Organic Standards. The NSF formulation are 100% natural and NON-GMO. NSF Organic standard allows for formylation to contain at least 70% Organic ingredients.

ALL MADE OF™ products are NSF Organic certified.

Our products are not only safe by they have high performance.

Organic 95+%

USDA Organic products contain 95%+ organic ingredients in their formulations. The caveat is loss in efficacy / performance. Washing baby bottles with water doesn't work. This is why we chose not to develop USDA 95% organic products.