Unique Baby Names – An expecting couple looks forward to having a new addition to the family. An important consideration for new parents choosing the perfect name for their baby. Some choose traditional names that are passed down through generations. Others opt for unique baby names.

Beautiful unique baby girl names and boy names can find their origin from meaningful places, favorite movie characters, the Bible or even special apps.

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Choosing baby names unique in origin vary from state-to-state. In Alaska, Denali is chosen 64.1 times more than nationwide. In Arkansas, Blakeleigh is picked 15.1 times more than nationwide.

Unique baby names sometimes find their roots in where the baby was conceived or a place that the parents find meaningful. Parents may pick a country, state or city.

The Bible

For generations, parents have chosen baby names unique to the Bible. Some of these names have reached the mainstream. Social Security lists “Noah”, “Jacob” and “Abigail” as popular names going back to 2015. For those looking seeking a more unusual name which originated in the Bible, Esther or Zipah works for a girl or Zacharias (Zac) or Jabin for a boy.

Movie Characters

Perhaps one of the most noticeable examples of unique baby names originated after the movie, Roots, was shown on TV. The names Kinta (boy) and Kizzy (girl) soared in popularity in 1977. By 1980, the name usage decreased dramatically.

Some parents look no further than Disney to name their child. Names like Nala (The Lion King) or Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) have been used for girls. Names like Gaston (Beauty and the Beast) or Gus (Cinderella) are good choices for boys.

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Unique Baby Names For BoysUnique Baby Names For Boys In 2018

There is no lack of original names for couples expecting a baby boy.


Harper Lee’s, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” boasts this name. It may sound like an old name, but it speaks volumes of a man’s character and conscience.


This name has been floating around for a while and seems to be growing in popularity. It is possible that this was attributed to Milo Ventimiglia from the show, “This is Us”.


“Star Wars” fans may choose Anakin, Baze or Bodhi.


This name has become popular thanks to the Twilight series, but its origins are from the Celts. The Celtic word means handsome or young animal.


Another unique name for a son is Brock. It is also a Celtic name that refers to a badger. Brock is a solid name, and parents may envision a strong son.

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Beautiful Unique Baby Girl Names
Beautiful Unique Baby Girl Names

Here are a few suggestions for beautiful unique baby girl names for a baby girl in 2018.


This lilting and rhythmic name is a popular variant of Eliana which means, “My God has answered”. It is becoming a popular name in many English-speaking countries today.


When talking about a fiery or sassy disposition, this name may emerge. A variation of this name is Amber which is a popular gemstone.


This name is Portuguese and Spanish and may refer to the name of the Virgin Mary or “Dulce Nombre de Maria”. Another meaning of Dulce is sweet. It is a unique name and rarely used in modern times, but it does evoke a sense of sweetness.


Another name that is rising in popularity these days is Penny. It is a mid-century name that may appear a bit quaint. Fans of the “Big Bang Theory” will certainly know this name.


Hayley and Kaylee are frequently used. Change it to Zaylee, and it is a refreshing sounding name for your little girl. It is a carefree and friendly-sounding name.

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Unique Baby Names For UnisexUnique Baby Names For Unisex

Unique baby names can originate from anywhere. With the right attitude and resources, choosing a name can be a fun activity for parents. For couples who wish to keep the gender secret ahead of time but want to pick a name, a unisex name is a logical choice.


Zion is a biblical place that has found its way on the list of unique names for both boys and girls. Some parents prefer this name for a little girl compared to a boy.


Another example of a baby name that can be used for both a boy and a girl is Denver. Some parents find naming their babies after places they love makes the name more meaningful. Reese Witherspoon named her child Tennessee because of family ties.


When used for a little boy, Jordan is easily associated with the NBA superstar, Michael Jordan. For girls, it could be because of the place. Either way, this name fits both boys and girls perfectly.


If places are not your thing, naming your child a season may be worth considering. Summer is a great choice for girls and boys. That name is linked to warm sun, beautiful clear skies and a happy disposition.


Addison means Child of Adam and has an English origin. There are several variants to this name such as Addisyn or Addyson. Some Chicago Cub fans name their child Addison as Wrigley Field is at the intersection of Addison and Madison.

Unique Baby NamesTips On Finding Baby Names

Choosing baby names unique to your family can be a lot of fun. If you are looking for beautiful unique baby girl names or a memorable name for your son, here are a few tips.

  • Ask yourself the following questions. Does the name feel right for your baby? Does it resonate with you and your partner? Your child will carry that name forever. Some names sound wonderful when referring to a child, but how will they sound for an adult?
  • Search the meaning. Search the meaning of the name. Names have power.
  • Brainstorm. Gather your favorite people, and brainstorm. Get their input, then talk about it with your partner afterward.

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Unique Baby Names Resources:
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