Is Aloe Vera Safe For Baby?

Is Aloe Vera safe for baby? –  Yes. Aloe Vera is safe for babies to use as a daily moisturizer, sunburn treatment, and for diaper rash relief.  It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Topical applications help treat first and second-degree burns [38].

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What Is Aloe Vera  •  Origins  •  Health Benefits
Is Aloe Vera Safe For Baby  •  Aloe Vera In Baby Products
What Does Aloe Vera Look Like
Aloe Vera Babies

Is Aloe Vera Safe For Baby
What Is Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera plants are formally known as aloe barbadensis plants. “Aloe” originates from the Arabic word “alloeh” which means “shining, bitter substance” and the name “vera” means “true, genuine” in Latin [10].  More commonly, it is referred to as just “aloe vera” in ingredient listings.  The genus Aloe has about 400 species.

Aloe vera is a type of plant of the genus Aloe.  It originally came from the Arabian Peninsula but is also found in tropical countries around the world.  Aside from being used for indoor decoration, the aloe vera plant is widely cultivated for agriculture and medicine [1].  The plant is known to be called by many names. Organic aloe barbadensis, Aloe perfoliata, Aloe indica Royle, and Aloe Vulgaris are just some of its synonyms [2].

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What Is Aloe Vera  •  Origins  •  Health Benefits
Is Aloe Vera Safe For Baby  •  Aloe Vera In Baby Products
What Does Aloe Vera Look Like
Aloe Vera Babies

Aloe Vera Origins
Origins Of Aloe Vera

As early as 2100 BC, aloe’s healing properties have been reported to appear in a tablet in Mesopotamia.  And in 1550 BC, a detailed description on how to use aloe vera internally and externally was seen in Egyptian text documents [12]. The Greeks were also reported to use the plant to heal wounds and other skin diseases  [13].  Organic aloe barbadensis is found in North Africa and Sudan.

While Indian aloe, Barbados aloe, Chinese aloe, True Aloe, First Aid plant, and Burn aloe are a couple of its monikers  [3].  The organic aloe barbadensis was first introduced to the world by Carl Linnaeus in 1753 by the name of Aloe perfoliata var. vera  [4].

Aloe Vera’s Popular Reference Names

Many famous names in history have relied heavily on the medicinal and healing benefits of the aloe vera plant. It was even sometimes called the “lily of the desert” or the “burn plant” and has been debated to have originally come from Sudan [11].

Aloe Vera Was Renamed

It was again mentioned by Nicolaas Laurens Burman in 1768 as aloe vera in Flora indica.  Ten days later, it was referred to as aloe barbadensis miller in the Gardener’s Dictionary by Philip Miller  [5].  The aloe vera gel is favorite among an extensive list of consumer products.  From beverages and food to cosmetics and medicinal ointments, it is used extensively because of its many health and therapeutic benefits  [6].

Table Of Contents

What Is Aloe Vera  •  Origins  •  Health Benefits
Is Aloe Vera Safe For Baby  •  Aloe Vera In Baby Products
What Does Aloe Vera Look Like
Aloe Vera Babies

What Does The Aloe Vera Look Like
What Does The Aloe Vera Look Like?

This evergreen perennial is stemless and grows for up to a maximum of 100 cm tall.  Its leaves are spotted, thick, and vary in hues of green to gray  [7].  Its orange-red flowers bloom every summer and can grow up to 35 inches tall with a tubular corolla of 0.8 to 1.2 inches long [8].  Just like all the other species of the genus Aloe, aloe vera also forms arbuscular mycorrhiza which makes the aloe plant accessible to soil minerals  [9].

Modern Day Aloe Vera Cultivation

Aloe Vera, while not native to Spain was widely cultivated throughout the south of Spain, specifically in Murcia where the plant was successfully naturalized  [14]. The plant was then introduced to the rest of Asia and Europe in the 17th century and after that followed massive naturalization in other tropical parts such as the Caribbean, Australia, and Mexico  [15].  When grown in pots, the organic aloe barbadensis requires excellent water drainage, well-fertilized soil, and sunny weather.  But the plant can scorch with too much sun exposure and whither with too much water. Since it is classified under the cacti type, an excellent quality cacti mix can be added to allow proper growth  [16].

Farming Aloe Vera

Aloe vera farmers also find it sometimes difficult to grow since its multiple fleshy stems can crowd the pot.  When this happens, the “pup” should be cut and separated from the “mother plant” to provide more room for growth and avoid pest infestations  [17] .  Terracotta pots are ideal for growing aloe vera  [18].

Table Of Contents

What Is Aloe Vera  •  Origins  •  Health Benefits
Is Aloe Vera Safe For Baby  •  Aloe Vera In Baby Products
What Does Aloe Vera Look Like
Aloe Vera Babies

Aloe Vera Health Benefits For Babies
Aloe Vera Health Benefits For Babies

Organic aloe barbadensis belongs to the family of the genus “Aloe” and has numerous medicinal purposes.  For 6,000 years, aloe vera has survived the test of time and thus has been recognized all over the world for its exceptional therapeutic characteristics.  From the early Greek and Egyptian times to Japanese and Indian culture, it has grazed rulers’ cupboard because of its many health virtues [19].

Aloe Vera Gel Is Good For The Skin

The gel extracted from the aloe vera plant is known to give the skin natural remedies.  It is used to heal skin abrasions and helps in combating aging.  Aloe vera extracts are found in many skin care products from toiletries to makeup  [20]. But what is far more effective than commercial creams and lotions is tearing the aloe leaf and applying the raw gel on the skin or face.  Some people also resort to drinking aloe vera juice which may enhance skin health internally  [21].

Aloe Vera Treats Radiotherapy Side Effects

Cancer treatments can be exhausting to the skin and patients undergoing radiotherapy experience the worst side effects.  Applying aloe vera gel to the area of the surface where radiation has touched can soothe and accelerate healing.  Drinking the juice can also increase the healing of the radiation burns  [23].  Proponents also tout the health benefits it provides for treating irritable bowel syndrome.  The juice can help soothe and heal the digestive tract. However, one must be careful not to drink too much juice as it can cause diarrhea and bloat in some people.

Aloe Vera Care For Hair

The aloe plant promotes and enhances natural hair growth.  In fact, most of the hair products in the market that contains aloe prove to be essential in retaining volume and health.  Applying the gel directly to the scalp can also treat hair loss since it has healthy enzymes for this very purpose  [24].  Natural aloe vera shampoo gives relief to stress and mental strain when used regularly.  Its anti-inflammatory effects treat stress-related skin diseases such as androgenetic alopecia and baldness [25].

Aloe Vera Treats Wounds

Since its discovery, aloe vera has proven to heal skin wounds and burns naturally.  It is used as a first-aid medicine in dressing wounds and severe skin burns in the emergency room.  The gel instantly closes the wound while increasing the healing time.  There have already been many case studies done that report aloe vera have successfully treated third-degree burns, tissue injuries, gunshot wounds, and restored the skin to a better state  [26].

Aloe Vera Helps In Fighting Aging

Aloe vera is capable of delaying aging.  Aloe vera oil is a vital component in many anti-aging products in the market because it is the ingredient that promotes youthfulness by fading wrinkles and rejuvenates tired skin.  It’s thought that aloe vera scavenges the body for free radicals.  Aloe vera moisturizers penetrate the skin quickly which makes it even more useful in diminishing lines and making the skin supple and bright  [27].

Aloe Vera Helps Gum And Mouth Diseases

Mouth diseases can be treated with the continued use of oral aloe vera powder when brushing the teeth.  It gives relief to gum inflammations and cures all kinds of infections or wounds inside the mouth.  Gargling aloe vera juice regularly can keep the gums healthy and prevent mouth diseases  [28].

Table Of Contents

What Is Aloe Vera  •  Origins  •  Health Benefits
Is Aloe Vera Safe For Baby  •  Aloe Vera In Baby Products
What Does Aloe Vera Look Like
Aloe Vera Babies

How Does Aloe Vera Work In Baby Products
How Does Aloe Vera Work In Baby Products?

The benefits of the aloe vera plant are endless, and that is only one of the many reasons why this ingredient can be found in our baby skin care products.  First and foremost, aloe vera is not dangerous.  It is gentle to infants and growing kids  [29].  Since 2011, all aloe vera manufacturing companies were instructed to register with their respective state governments and the federal government to make sure their products are safe to use.  All companies that manufacture organic aloe vera products are registered to the FDA, and all qualities of aloe vera are safe to drink and apply on the skin  [30].

Heals Diaper Rash

When your child has diaper rash, it’s a struggle.  It can irritate their skin and deprive of a good night’s sleep.  Aloe vera gel heals wounds and burns.  So it’s not a surprise that it can also treat diaper rash among babies.  In fact, according to a study by the National Institute of Health, organic aloe barbadensis is therapeutic for babies experiencing painful diaper rash. (30)

No Side Effects Were Observed

Using ointments that have aloe vera gel can give your child relief.  But if you have an aloe vera plant in your home, you can directly apply it to your baby’s infected skin for quick comfort.  The aloe vera gel alone is made up of 95% water and contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory nutrients such as vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc  [31].

Relieves Sunburn Among Children

Sunscreen products for children contain aloe vera – and for a good reason.  The best treatment is prevention.  And aloe vera gives babies’ skin ample protection against even the mildest sunburns. Unlike adults, when a baby experiences sunburn, it can mean dehydration or heat stroke.  Once you have taken your child to the hospital for a check-up, regular use of aloe vera products will diminish possibilities of future sunburns [32].

Heals Skin Infections

Organic aloe gel is a great moisturizer that includes anti-inflammatory activity, and that fact makes the plant a healthy alternative in treating burnt skin and infections.  Pure aloe barbadensis improves blood circulation in the affected area of the skin which then increases the healing time for wounds, burns, or patchy skin  [33]. Taking care of your baby’s fragile skin is tough.

It can even be confusing at times because of the number of skin care products on the market today.  But telling which aloe vera product is safe should always be a priority for parents.  It should first be organic, free of additives, and cruelty-free.

Aloe vera moisturizer derived from pure aloe vera is vital as your child’s skin is far more fragile than that of an adult’s and the younger your children are, the more susceptible they become to skin diseases.  Applying these products is a sure way of giving your baby extra protection because of its anti-inflammatory effects.  Using it on your baby’s regular skin care routine can moisturize and dehydrate their skin while reducing irritation, rashes, or inflammation  [34].

Table Of Contents

What Is Aloe Vera  •  Origins  •  Health Benefits
Is Aloe Vera Safe For Baby  •  Aloe Vera In Baby Products
What Does Aloe Vera Look Like
Aloe Vera Babies

How Does Aloe Vera Help Babies
How Does Aloe Vera Help Babies?

Aloe vera benefits have been established for decades, so it’s no wonder that it is used in baby skin care products.  It contains 18 amino acids that heal wounds and skin issues.

Benefits For Internal & External Use

It even works to alleviate the symptoms of diabetes, asthma, and arthritis in some cases  [35].   It is rich in minerals that strengthen the immune system, cures dermatitis, and heals wounds.  The sap of the aloe vera alone has natural and safe antimicrobial agents that soothe even the worst sunburns and skin issues.

Aloe Vera For Diaper Rash

The reason Aloe vera can treat diaper rash effectively resides in its ability to balance the pH of the skin  [36]. There is also a 2-year study conducted by the National Toxicology Program. The study’s consensus is that organic aloe barbadensis is free of carcinogenic elements.  It has not been found to cause cancer nor does it have any harmful effects on infants and kids, and is not a potential risk, in general, to humans  [37]. (37)

Table Of Contents

What Is Aloe Vera  •  Origins  •  Health Benefits
Is Aloe Vera Safe For Baby  •  Aloe Vera In Baby Products
What Does Aloe Vera Look Like
Aloe Vera Babies

Transparent Ingredients

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Is Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) Safe For Baby?
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Is Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) Safe For Baby?
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